ESThomson17---eoincarey_0093My name is Elaine Thomson. I was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire, but I now live in Edinburgh. I have a PhD in the history of medicine. The things I read about when I was working on this seemed far too exciting and peculiar to leave to the history books, and so I started writing novels…

By night I am a writer of historical crime fiction, by day I am a university lecture. Other things I do when I am not writing or up at the university are look after my two sons, read, bake cakes, play scrabble, visit museums and – whenever possible – go to the beach.

My first two novels were published under the name Elaine diRollo. The first of these, The Peachgrowers’ Almanac (Chatto, 2008. Published in paperback as A Proper Education for Girls by Vintage in 2009) was shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award, the Scottish Arts Council First Book Award and the Guildford Literary Festival First Book Award. My second novel was Bleakly Hall (Chatto 2012 and Vintage 2013). BELOVED POISON is my third novel, my first in crime fiction, and the first book in the Jem Flockhart series.